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Top Android News of the Week (13 November, 2019)  


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November 13, 2019 6:26 AM  

Hello readers!

Here are our handpicked top 15 Android related news of the week. Let us know what you think about them in the discussion below.

Verizon launches its own Android TV set-top box, called Stream TV

Today, Verizon introduced its rumored Android TV-powered set-top box. The Verizon Stream TV is available to order directly from the company's site. Other than the signature red checkmark on top, the product is unbranded, and we haven't confirmed the manufacturer yet (though one source tells us it's very similar to Xiaomi's Mi Box).

The Stream TV runs an unspecified version of Google's Android TV platform, which means users will have access to its extensive catalog of video apps and games.


Disney+ is now available on Samsung TVs

Best answer: Yes, Disney has reached an agreement with Samsung to distribute Disney+ on its smart TVs on models running Samsung's Tizen OS all the way from 2016 to its latest TVs. For TVs that are not, there's always the Chromecast.

Marvel on demand: Disney+ (From $7/mo at Disney+)
Cast away: Chromecast ($35 at Amazon)
It's finally here!

Disney+ is now available in many places and platforms, including on most newer model Samsung TVs. Basically, if you have a Samsung TV from 2016 or newer that is running Samsung's Tizen OS, then you will be able to download the Disney+ app and watch it natively. Great news!


OnePlus 7 Pro 5G will only receive Android 10 update in 2020

OnePlus has already sent out the update to Android 10 to the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, both phones launched earlier this year with Android 9 Pie on board. While that's great, there's a third device that hasn't so far been talked about in this regard, and that is the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G.
The company's first 5G smartphone has strangely been left out of its Android 10 rollout announcements, and now we know why.


Huawei to give $286 million in staff bonuses for helping it through the US trade ban

2019 was certainly a difficult year for Huawei with the US trade ban, which made it hard for the company to supply various components and software for its products. Despite all the obstacles the company managed to push through and continue its growth in key sectors including its smartphone and wireless network businesses.
As a token of gratitude to its hard-working employees, Huawei is ready to give an estimated CNY 2 billion ($286 million) in bonuses to over 190,000 staff members across 170 countries.


Walmart Onn tablets on Android Pie receive TWRP support

Remember the Walmart Onn Android tablets that launched in May? Those two are very affordable tablets with sub $100 price tags. The 8-inch Onn Android Tablet costs $79. The bigger Onn 10.1-inch 16GB Android Tablet is also $79. Some listings show a $64 price tags so they are probably cheaper now.


Samsung Galaxy A51 leaked with four rear cameras, sticks with headphone jack and microSD slot

It might not be the phone we're going to talk the most about, but we think it's still pretty important to have a look at and learn about one of Samsung's upcoming smartphones coming out next year. Now, courtesy of some leaks, we're getting a preview of what will be the Galaxy A51.

The A51 is supposedly a follow-on to this year's A50s and A50. Most of the Galaxy A portfolio targets the South Asia and Indian markets which pack on raw horsepower for a value price.


OnePlus 7 Pro 5G users won't get Android 10 until 2020 because 5G is new and hard

While the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro received Android 10 in September, the company has been very quiet about when the latest major release would hit its first 5G phone, the 7 Pro 5G. CEO Pete Lau finally took to the OnePlus forums with information on the update, but he's bearing bad news. Due to "more rigorous tests, debugging and optimizations" than anticipated, the manufacturer is expecting to launch Android 10 in the first quarter of 2020.


Samsung foldable devices with glass displays hinted by new supplier investment

The first Samsung foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, features an inner display covered in plastic. This plastic is so sensitive that even Samsung admits a hard fingernail press could potentially damage it.

It appears this problem could be a thing of the past for future Samsung devices. Based on industry rumors surrounding an ultra-thin glass (UTG) supplier Samsung has heavily invested in, we could see a Samsung foldable with an inner glass display sooner rather than later.


(Update: Album sorting live for all) Google Photos rolls out album sorting, Pixel 4 gets video frame exporting

Update 1: 2019/11/12 8:30am PST

Album sorting goes live for everyone in v4.50

Photos is one of Google's best products. It gives you a searchable, unlimited vault of all of your shots and memories. The company is constantly working on making editing and finding images in it more effortless, and the latest updates further improve these aspects. You can export frames from videos shot on the Pixel 4 as stills starting with version 4.28 of the app, and individual sorting options for albums are currently rolling out to some people.


Minecraft Earth Available for Android in Early Access!

This is not a drill — Minecraft Earth is now available for download on your Android device in early access.

With the core gameplay taking place in augmented reality, Minecraft Earth will be like Pokemon GO in a way, but for those who prefer playing in the sandbox than to dueling pocket monsters.

BUILD amazing creations in tabletop mode and place them in the real world at life size.
COLLABORATE with other builders and create communal masterpieces together.
EXPLORE a whole new side to your local neighborhood, and watch it evolve over time.
DISCOVER unique mobs like the muddy pig and moobloom, and use them to populate your builds!

The only downside I can think of right now is the launch timing. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the rain has arrived, meaning it’s going to be difficult to walk around town and check out everyone’s creations. Boo the rain!


Xiaomi Mi Note 10/CC9 Pro disassembly shows how it all fits together

When it comes to cameras, batteries and speakers, it's very much not true that good things come in small packages. And yet Xiaomi managed to fit no less than five cameras, a 5,2560mAh battery and a 1cc speaker chamber inside the Mi Note 10. Disassembly photos and a video show the deceptively simple design that made this possible.
Technically, this is the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, but it's essentially identical to the Note 10 (it's a matter of a different name for the different markets). It all starts with peeling off the glass back.


Samsung Galaxy Note10 to receive second One UI 2.0 beta in the next few days

Samsung is working on its upgrade of the One UI and is pushing beta firmware to multiple markets for those willing to participate in the early testing. According to the official community forums in South Korea users of the Galaxy Note10 will get the second One UI 2.0 beta by the end of the week.
Apparently, the new package will not have new features, but will mostly aim to squash bugs from the initial release. The situation was mostly the same with the Galaxy S10 with One UI 2.


Google Maps adds local business pins to navigation just in time for the holidays

Next to Search, Maps is one of Google's most useful services. It can check real-time traffic, view local speed limits, and now it can help you locate businesses along your route, even if you weren't looking for them. Starting this week, Google Maps will show tiny location pins for nearby stores and restaurants while in navigation mode.

When typing a location into Google Maps on an Android device (or iPhone) and pressing the blue "directions" button, users will now be presented with the usual route to their destinations, plus some extra icons designating local stores and restaurants along the way.


The Android Police Q&A Show is live!

You might already know about our weekly live podcast, but did you know we have a second show every Tuesday? We answer your questions and discuss technology news — Android or not — from the past week. It's a lot more off-the-hook than the podcast, so tune in below.

Watch live video from AndroidPolice on

For those of you not familiar with Twitch, you can follow a channel for free (you'll get alerts when it goes live), but you can also support the show financially by subscribing.


Infographic: Google Releases App, Proceeds to Shut App Down

Google’s long history of releasing apps and services, then shutting them down — sometimes abruptly — if they aren’t adopted by the masses is well documented. A few apps that come to mind are Inbox, Allo, as well as the lesser known services like Google Wave and Currents. RIP to those.

Thanks to RS Components, we have a handy dandy little infographic that can help put Google’s app and service-killing movies into perspective. You won’t find every dead service listed, but the big ones are in here, and it must be noted that Hangouts is obviously not yet dead. That should be happening in 2020.


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November 13, 2019 6:32 AM  

Google Photos is an amazing app. I have been using it for nearly 3 years now. All my old and new images are backed on their unlimited storage.

It is nice that they now allow sorting albums in Google Photos now.

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